Friday, August 20, 2010

Stop and Shop

1 lb Strawberries $2.00
Watermelon $2.06 (.69/lb)
Peaches .73 (.99/lb)
Cantalope $1.50
Kiwi .33
Dole Salad $2.50 - .75 MC (doubled)
Mandarin Oranges $1.00
Lunchable $1.00 (son wanted it, I caved)
2 Nursery Water @ $1.25 each - .55 MC (doubled)
3 Ore Ida Easy Fries @ $1.00 each
6 Yoplait Yogurt @ .50 each - .40 MC (doubled)
Minute Maid Orange Juice @ $2.50
Less .15 in Reusable Bag Credits

Total: $18.56

The easy fries were a moron purchase. I know the last time they were on sale people were getting them for free with an instant savings but I guess the glitch was fixed. Oh well. I actually had some tonight while I sat my butt on the couch and watched Big Brother (on On Demand) and they were pretty good. Not so good that I would ever pay $1 for them again, but if they were .50 or under I might think about buying them.

The funny thing about all of the fruit I buy is that a lot of it gets thrown away because my kids like stuff one day and don't like it the next. This is one of the reasons I started a worm compost bin but I think to compost all of what I throw away I'd need at least a few more bins. I don't get upset about throwing produce away because I am just happy my picky son eats some of it and will at least try (and by try I mean lick and say Ewww) new things. Someday all of my work may pay off. My daughter is only 14 months old so she has not hit the picky zone yet.

And about the Nursery Water- my tap water tastes nasty. I don't drink it and only use it for cooking. Because I don't drink it I am not going to make my kids drink it. Hence, the Nursery Water.

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