Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm Back!

Life happens and things we once thought were important suddenly become unimportant. And then things change and those once important things are no longer important.

It has been almost a year since I last blogged and my life has progressed in so many ways.

My children are about a year older than before (almost 8, almost 6 and 3 1/2). We adopted a dog (a pit bull mix) who is now best friends with our min pin. I am working three days at work and stopped working Saturdays (oh my gosh- how awesome has it been to not have to wake up super early on Saturday mornings).

And I finally decided to go under the care of a doctor for my Crohn's disease. In December I saw a GI doctor and then after a whirlwind of many tests, including a colonoscopy, it was found that I had a complication from my disease that required surgery.

I was very shocked at this because after all of the years I have had this disease the past couple of years I have been feeling better than before- at least as in not having painful flares many times a year. I ended up having the surgery in March and though I thought the recovery would be easy because I recovered from all of my c-sections pretty easily, I have to admit that I felt like total crap for a couple of weeks. I went back to work after three weeks on a limited schedule because sitting home was driving me crazy but I fully admit I should have waited longer.

As of today I guess I feel good? I still get pains after eating sometimes and have been feeling tired with headaches but even with that I know the surgery was necessary. I also started some medications to keep me healthy- I have done much research and have talked extensively with my doctor and medication is the best way to keep me healthy and prevent further issues. I hate taking pills everyday and giving myself injections every two weeks but I have to think about my kids- me trying to be a martyr and trying to do it all holistic is just not going to work in my situation. If it could happen I would do it but it's not so I am not going to beat myself up about it. I can still continue to eat healthy (though it is hard sometimes because if I eat too much fruit, veggies and high fiber foods I feel sick) but I have to allow modern medicine to allow me to live a normal life so I can be the best mom and wife possible.

So there is a nutshell of my life. Not so glamorous but who's life is?

As for my blog....

I plan on writing about what I always have. Being a mom with all that entails, eating healthy and trying to save money while doing it all. I am going to keep it real like always because I am not perfect and do not strive to be so.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trader Joe's

2 Cucumbers @ .79 each
2 lbs Organic Strawberries $5.99
Spring Salad Mix $1.99
2 lbs Organic Pears $3.29
Potato Chips $2.99 (total impulse buy)
Organic Tortilla Chips $2.99
Fine Sea Salt $1.49
Organic Butter $4.79
Organic Orange Juice $3.99
Organic Refried Beans $1.09
Green Fin Organic White Table Wine $3.99
Flowers $3.99

Total: $38.42

Saturday, July 12, 2014

July Amazon Order

I love Amazon so much that I feel like I would die if it didn't exist. As someone who works part time, has three kids and disposes going to the store shopping on Amazon makes my life way easier (and stress free!) plus I get some pretty good deals!

This is my July Subscribe and Save order. Basically, every month I get a box full of things that I need (and some that I don't need but want). By ordering through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program I get a percentage off of my purchases plus free shipping. The standard discount is 5%, but if you order five or more Subscribe and Save items in a month your savings get bumped up to 15% off. If you are a member of Amazon Prime (you pay a yearly fee to get free shipping on everything) and a member of Amazon Mom your savings is 20% off (which I am- yeah!). Also, your Subscribe and Save discounts can be combined with sales and Amazon coupons.

Here is what this month's order consists of (amounts are after any sales, coupons and Subscribe and Save discounts):

3 Boxes Kind Granola Bars $5.61
6 Rolls Scotch Packing Tape $7.80
Clif Crunch Granola Bars $2.38
Amazing Grass Superfood Powder $17.76
4 Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks $9.60
Natitas Naturals Organic Chia Seeds 16 oz. $6.87
Nature's Baby Organic Diaper Ointment $3.23
Huggies Wipes (648 count) $6.78
Ivory Bar Soap (10 count) $2.79
CoverGirl Eye Shadow .06

Normally I try to keep my monthly order to $40 or less but this month I spent a little over $60- I'm not beating myself up about it because it is all stuff we will use (I am definitely going to hide the fruit snacks for when my kids go back to school).

Disclaimer: This post contains my affiliate link. I only recommend things I love, and Amazon is something I love, love, love, love.