Thursday, February 4, 2016

Garden, Bored, Sad...

I've been meaning to start a garden since we moved down her to Florida- well, not and actual in the ground garden because when we were picking a rental to move into my husband said his hill to die on was having a pool. In this part of Florida, yards are tiny and if you have a pool it means you have no grass except for a few square feet in the front of your house (and those few square feet are relegated by the wonderful HOA).

I had dreams of tons of containers filled with yummy produce and oh my- I could grow all year!

Well, I've done nothing in regards to gardening here. Other things keep coming up and honestly the first two (three, four ) months were full of me just being homesick. I have frequently visited the local farm stand where they sell tons of locally grown produce, though equally because I love supporting local farms and that the local stores that sell produce here (Target and Public) have horrible produce.

I really think it is time for me to grow something outside. In full transparency my husband did buy me an AeroGarden for Christmas but I feel like that is cheating mostly because he has been doing the upkeep. When I see the water light blink I am like "uggggggggggg" and don't add water so he does it.

As part of me trying to get back into my groove down here in this foreign land I thing my next goal should be to grow some sort of edible plant outside. I need to research what can grow at this time in Southern Florida, go to an actual store to buy supplies and then grow said plant. I also need to pledge to keep up with the maintenance aspect (this is always my downfall).

Also, perhaps growing my own food will cut down on my grocery bill each week. I swear that I spend much more on groceries as a stay at home mom than I did when I was working part time. I think it has a lot to do with that I am bored and need a hobby and gardening may be the perfect thing to make me feel productive  (or may not because I am horrible at keeping plants alive).

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