Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Florida- Grrrrr

not the view from my house- I wish!

I am looking out my window at the moment and instead of the weather being overcast and cold it is sunny and warm (and very, very humid).

Obviously I am no longer in the tiny state of Rhod Island (insert frown face emoji here). My husband accepted a new job in southern Florida and we have been down here for four months- four long and semi-miserable months.

Florida is great, but it's just not for me. Before the whole move idea came up I was honestly completely content with my life. Then boom- all that I held dear to my contentedness (is that a word?) was gone and replaced with a foreign state with different customs than this New Englander was used to.

Slowly but surely I am moving towards accepting the fact the we are here and I need to get over the things I don't like but man, is it hard. This move was a horrible idea (for many other reasons that I'm not going to get into right now) but we did it and hopefully in a couple of years we can undo it.

I don't see myself making friends down here because I am just the type of person who makes friends at work- making mommy friends and doing the play date thing is just not in my DNA. And while pondering this fact I realized that I miss blogging.

Blogging was always fun for me. Even though I wasn't getting millions of page hits a day it just felt nice to write and to get my jumbled thoughts out of my head.

So please join me on my journey to to accepting Florida as my new home state and my journey to trying to save money (because it is fricken expensive living down here).

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