Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shaws- We Ran Out of Milk Again!

We needed milk really bad- I guess we really needed the other stuff too.

5 lb Bag Potatoes $1.99
3 Kiwi @ .33 each
Quaker Corn Meal $1.99
Shaws Flour $2.49
Argo Baking Powder $1.79
Vlasic Relish .99 - .55 MC (doubled) ***free***
(4) 12 Packs Sierra Mist @ 4/$11.00 plus $2.40 bottle deposit
Doritos 12 Pack Snack Bags $2.99 - $2.99 in ad coupon for buying Sierra Mist
3 Emeril Canned Pasta @ $1.00 each - (3) $1.00 MC ***free***
10 Hamburger Helper @ $1.00 each - (3) .75/3 MC and $5.00 instant savings
2 Gallons Hood Milk @ $3.89 each - $3.89 free milk coupon
2 Enfamil Infant/Toddler Vitamin Drops @ $1.00 (marked down from $11.99)
3 Avent Manual Breast Pumps @ $10.00 each (marked down from $50.00))

Total: $60.62

The Hamburger Helper ended up being .50 for 10 boxes or .05 a box after the coupons and $5.00 instant savings for buying 10. I am going to donate it because we don't eat it.

I am going to sell the breast pumps on Ebay and will most likely get $25 or more for each one which is a pretty good profit! Don't worry- there were still a bunch left. I do not like to clear shelves if I really don't need something.

The Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol drops were a jaw dropping deal! My daughter takes the Tri-Vi-Sol ones right now for the Vitamin D and I have been holding out on buying more until I could find a good deal. Well, I found one! I am going to check with her doctor to see if it is Ok for her to take these, if not I guess I can try and sell them too. I don't see why they should be a problem though. There were still a lot left on the shelf- I didn't want to buy a ton and have my daughter not be able to take them.

I have to decided to always buy two gallons of milk instead of one because it seems like we are always running out of it. I redeemed my six milk points for one free gallon and received two milk points- one for the free one and one for the one I paid for! Now I only need three more to get another free gallon. The great thing is that the Hood milk at Shaws is only .10 more than the Cumberland Farms milk we were buying so this whole milk point thing turns out to be an awesome deal.

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