Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cocktail Anyone...

Cocktails uncovered
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My son was visiting my parents for the past four days and today I picked him up.

I missed him so much; if you're a parent you know that when one of your kids is away you feel like a piece is missing from you. I was so happy to see him and hear him say "I missed you mama".

Then do you know what happened? Him and his sister started to fight. They hadn't seen each other for four days and the first thing they do is fight. My chronic migraine that mysteriously disappeared when my children were separated suddenly came back with a vengeance.

I went from missing all of my children being with me to fantasizing about running to my car and driving away with the tires squealing and the kids and my mom staring at the tail end of my car, slack jawed. Didn't happen but it feels good to think of such things sometimes.

I only have five more days to go until my son starts Kindergarten and I have a little peace from the fighting every weekday afternoon. I will miss Tyler but Lord, oh Lord will I enjoy not wanting to bash my head into the wall trying to drown out the whining, shrieking and tattling. I'm sure a nice cocktail would have the same effect but for some reason a mom drinking during the day is frowned upon...

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