Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stop and Shop- Cheap Organic Meat

Stop and Shop Tater Tots $2.00 (haven't had these in a looong time)
Cole Slaw $1.91 (husband's favorite)
Stop and Shop Hamburger Buns $1.25
6 lbs Nature's Promise Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef @ $4.99/lb

Total: $35.10

Alli and I went to pick out some plants at Home Depot to de-ghetto-ize (made the word up) our patio at which time I realized I had not planned anything for dinner. We meandered into Stop and Shop to find grub and I stumbled upon something so very wonderful- $4.99 a pound organic grass fed ground beef.  They weren't labeled with a price so I asked the meat guy how much they were and he said $7.99- I grabbed one package for dinner but when I checked out and saw how cheap it was I went back for more. $4.99 is an unheard of price- I bought six and left a bunch for other people though I wish I bought more. We made burgers with it and wowzer did it taste way better than the regular crap they sell. It actually tasted like beef, not like chemicals and it didn't have a weird texture.

I blew my grocery budget out of the water but I could not turn down the ground beef. I stink at budgets but am really good at making excuses for going over my budget...

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