Saturday, June 9, 2012

Teacher Gift- Gift Card Flower

It is that time of year- school is ending for the summer and the kids are all saying good-bye to their teachers. And with that comes the inevitable what the heck do I get my kids' teacher to show her how much we appreciate what she has done all year.

This was my son's last year of pre-school so I wanted to get something for all of the teachers at his school- I decided on a Dunkin Donuts gift card but just giving a gift card seemed so boring to this crafty mom. That is was spawned the idea of a gift card flower.

The only supplies I needed were a flower pot, a foam block, two pencils, craft paint, card stock, ribbon shredded paper "grass" and a hot glue gun. For all of the supplies I spent less than $5- the ribbon was the most expensive thing but you could even use fabric cut into strips or magazine pages, newspaper pages or paper cut into strips.

I had my son paint the pot with my craft paint. While it was drying I worked on the flower part. I traced the gift card envelope onto a piece of black card stock and cut it out. Then I cut the ribbon into strips, making sure that they were long enough to fold over. I glued one end of the ribbon onto the card stock and then folded it in half and glued to other end down. I repeated this, alternating between the black and red ribbon. Once done I glued down the gift card envelope. Then I glued the flower to a pencil and took some extra ribbon, made some "leaves" and glued those to the pencil. To make the sign I cut out a piece of white card stock with nifty craft scissors and glued it to another pencil. Once the flower pot was dry I shoved the foam block into it and then stuck the flower and sign in. I put the shredded grass on top to make it look like the flower was planted in dirt.

I also included a thank you note telling the teachers and staff how much we appreciate all that they have done for the past two years.

So there it is, a boring gift (a gift card) made into something thoughtful and pretty.


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