Friday, June 8, 2012


Yumi Yogurt
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Today was a momentous day- today I found out that I can have milk again. In the words of the now defunct Ren and Stimpy; happy happy joy joy!

This all started after my son's birthday party. We had gotten a meatball calzone from an Italian deli near our house and put the leftovers in the fridge. After opening and closing the fridge a bunch of times and smelling the glorious smell of the calzone I totally caved and stuffed my face with it. I felt terrible afterwards but I am only human and this is the third time that I have had to forgo dairy due to a baby having an allergy. I can only take so much and the calzone pushed me over the edge. And guess what? Jilly Billy was perfectly fine- there was no blood in her poop to be seen.

Then last weekend at a birthday party I took my son to I caved again and had a slice of pizza. It wasn't even very good pizza but because I haven't had pizza in almost six months it tasted marvelous to me. Again, no blood. And how can you top off a dairy binge without some M&M's? I don't like M&M's but we had a bag of them so I ate them.

Today at my son's checkup I had the nurse test Jilly's poop for blood, as it can be microscopic. Ding, ding, ding- no blood! You should have seen my smile. When I got home I had a glass of milk with Carnation Instant Breakfast and then at dinner had a McDonald's cheeseburger (my husband was out of town all week and I had about had it with cooking dinner for just me and the kids so we got fast food).

So now I am a normal dairy eating person though I am going to keep an eye on Jilly to make sure that she doesn't have any milk related side effects. Tomorrow when I go food shopping it will feel so nice to buy what I want- I am way too excited about buying yogurt. Yogurt!

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