Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mommy Is Going To Lose It...

Sign of the timesYesterday morning was one of those mornings that was so annoying that I look back on it and shake my head.

My son had school so we had to be out of the house by 8:20 am which is not super early in the real world but when you have three kids it is torture.

I gave the older kids their breakfast which on this particular day consisted of wheat toast, milk and yogurt (yep, no fruit- the terrible mother that I am was running late and had no time to cut up fruit). Then I went upstairs to gather their clothing for the day and then I ironed their clothing for the day- I may be a sack of crap mom sometimes but I draw the line at my kids leaving the house looking like they are homeless. I went back into the kitchen and my son had not touched any of his food which really annoyed me. Every school morning he sits at the table and does not eat his food until I yell at him. When he saw my face this morning he grabbed his Go-Gurt and ate it but I grabbed his plate and threw his toast in the trash which of course he didn't even care about. I told him that maybe next time he would eat what I made him- most likely not but man, am I sick of having to make him eat his breakfast.

I went back upstairs to grab my clothing and flushed the toilet in the upstairs bathroom to rid it of any late night pee. Apparently my son had gone number two before he came downstairs for breakfast (or should I say sit at the table and not eat anything time) and had used baby wipes to wipe his bum. He must have used a ton because the toilet overflowed all over the floor. After I yelled down the stairs to "politely" explain to him that he must never put baby wipes in the toilet I grabbed a bunch of towels and sopped up the blue toilet water. Then I made a mental note to steam mop the floor when I got a chance later in the day while also feeling a piece of me die on the inside because I now had even more laundry to do.

As I got downstairs my daughter just happened to drop her yogurt cup on the floor which proceeded to splatter everywhere. Who knew that yogurt was so aerodynamic? I just stared at it for a minute in disbelief and then did a piss poor job cleaning that up as we were really running behind. I made yet another mental note to hit up the mess later in the day when I had time all the while I kept saying "Alli, are you kidding me- don't fool around at the kitchen table".

At this point the baby was screaming because she was hungry (I had fed her an hour before so she wasn't starving) so I popped in the pacifier to keep her from hyperventilating. I got the kids dressed which in itself was a test to my patience- for some reason when it is time to dress the kids they become squirming, complaining monsters. I threw the baby in her car seat and we were out the door, a little late but alas we were on our way. The baby did get fed in the school parking lot after I dragged everyone into school to drop my son off. That is the good thing about breastfeeding- my boobs are always ready to feed; no need to take time to prep a bottle.

I really hate school mornings because it seems like everyday is just a frantic race out the door. Stuff always comes up that throws me off and the kids always decide to not cooperate, especially my daughter who cries about everything imaginable when we are trying to get ready for school (she no longer wears socks because of this and I have recently given up on getting her to wear a coat). And then there is the baby who cries when I put her in her car seat- she hates being cooped up in it and is not shy about letting me know it. No matter how early I get up we are always rushing around. I really wish sometimes that I could be the type of mom who just wears her pajamas to school drop off but that would crush my soul- putting on real clothing is my last grasp at being a human being and not just a mom.

Honestly, if my husband and I weren't paying so much to send my son to pre-school there would be a lot of mornings where I would say screw it, we're staying home and you monster children are going to sit in your rooms all day so mommy won't lose it and need to check herself into a psychiatric hospital. I can only console myself with that fact that I should enjoy this year because next year will really suck- my son is going to Kindergarten five half days a week (I won't find out if he is in the morning or afternoon program until the middle of the summer) and my daughter is starting nursery school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We live too close to the elementary school so no buses for us, just me either walking to school or on days where the weather is awful I will be driving and contending with all of the other frantic moms in their various minivans and SUV's.

To everyone out there who says "someday when the kids are grown up you will miss all of this", can you please cart my children around for me?

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