Tuesday, November 29, 2011


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So I am sitting here doing nothing and it is torture. I am trying to rest because technically I am recovering from major surgery (a c-section) and I pushed myself way too far the past couple of days so my body feels like it is starting to fall apart.

My kids are with my mom for the day which was planned way before me screwing myself up but instead of running a ton of errands (returning things to stores, mailing packages, using my Living Social voucher at Whole Foods before it expires, more things that I can't even think of right now) I am sitting on my butt trying not to move a lot as I have an irrational fear that my incision will open up and my innards will spill over my floor.

I do have a baby to take care of but she is pretty boring at this time in her life because she just sleeps, poops and eats so no meaningful conversations with another human being for me. I am glad that the kids are with my mom though because they are wild little monsters and I feel like if I had to yell at them one more time today I would have had a mental breakdown, plus yelling puts pressure on my incision and I literally felt myself doing damage to my body as I was attempting to tame the wild beasts.

So, I am just sitting here. Sitting here and looking around the house and seeing tons of stuff that needs to get done that I can't do. I really think there is something mentally wrong with me because it literally takes me being on the verge of causing major bodily damage to myself for me to take it easy and yet I still sit here and think maybe I could just do a couple of things like put away some laundry and wrap some Christmas presents. Then I have to mentally slap myself in the face and say "snap out of it!"

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  1. Take it easy while you can. You are going to do more harm than good if you split your incisions (I know you KNOW this). How often can you say you can just sit hold your baby and do nothing. Cherish this time. The dishes, laundry, etc will be there in a few days when you are getting around better. From one type A mother to another, I know all of this is easier said than done. Congrats again on your new baby.