Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Count Down- Gifts Edition...

christmas tree recycling dropoff 2
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Christmas is a little less than one month away and I can safely say that I have everything for the kids that I set out to buy them. There can be no good deals from here on out and I will be set for the little buggers.

My poor little baby Jillian though will only have a few things because I refuse to bring anymore baby toys into this household. We have baby toys coming out of our ears from my older kids, so many that there is no way that she will even play with all of them. The good thing is that she is just a baby and does not have the mental capacity to tally how much stuff mommy bought her compared to how much mommy bought her brother and sister.

I am also all set shopping for my husband. He is very hard to shop for- not because I don't know what he likes but because when he wants something he just goes and buys it thus leaving me with limited options for gifts. But I managed to come up with a few things I know he'll like and I let him buy a $400 remote control truck for him and my son to use together (I guess boys never grow out of boy stuff). Is it ridiculous to spend that kind of money on basically a giant toy? Yeah, maybe but when I think of all of the fun my son and husband will have using it together it seems worth it especially since my time is stretched so thin now with the new baby.

As far as our families go, for our siblings we are doing the gift card thing. Our parents gifts are still up in the air but I still have a bit of time to figure the game plan out.

Right now all of the aforementioned gifts are chilling in the gift closet waiting to be wrapped which is something that I need to start working on. Maybe when we get our Christmas tree this weekend that will light a fire under my but to start wrapping. And maybe that fire being lit under my butt will also make me want to pull out the copious amounts of Christmas crap from the basement and start decorating the house.

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  1. That is awesome! I have most of mine wrapped from both Santa and Mom and Dad! Trev is done, Aubrey is done, Casey may need a few more things. I need to finish paying off one thing for my husband and make him some new magnets but other then that everyone is done! Feels good.