Thursday, September 15, 2011


Prince Pasta .88 
.64 lb Pepper $1.27
Less $1.00 Catalina

Total: $1.15
Saved 62%

I bought a pepper earlier in the week but forgot to put it in the fridge so it went bad sitting on my kitchen counter. I needed a pepper for the recipe I was going to make for dinner tonight so off to Shaws we went. My husband ended up working really late tonight so I cut up the pepper and put it in the freezer so I won't have to buy another one.

For some reason my daughter really, really wanted that box of ziti- I guess it's better than her freaking out about a candy bar.

I also redeemed my free $10 Shaws gift card Catalina from the other day (buy $100 in gift cards and get a free $10 Shaws gift card). I was going to buy more gas gift cards today but they were all out and there were no other kinds of gift cards that we needed.

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