Thursday, September 15, 2011

Old Navy- Saved 68%

Woman's Sweater $9.99 (reg. $24.94)
Boy's Tee $4.49 (reg. $9.94)
Boy's Tee $4.49 (reg. $9.94)
Less 25% Online Coupon

Total: $14.23 with free shipping (yeah, Gap Silver credit card!)
Saved 68%

I love the sweater I bought for myself! It's not maternity but I bought a size up from my normal size and it fits great because it is cut long and I am a short person (I'm only five feet tall). Because it's not maternity I will be able to wear it after I have the baby- all of my real maternity stuff will be burned because no more babies for me (or maybe I'll donate them- depends on my mood).


  1. I said the same thing..But now we are ttc again lol

  2. Congratulations! You have way more patience than me- three is all I can handle!