Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whole Milk Does Not Make You Fat, Silly Doctor...

Does anyone else ever lie to doctors?

I'm not talking about lying about serious things but about the silly things that doctors make a big deal about that aren't a big deal.

Today, to avoid a lecture from my two year old daughter's doctor, I lied to her and said we were switching over to low fat milk from whole milk. She always seems shocked when I tell her that we drink whole milk because my husband, my kids and myself are all skinny (well I'm not skinny right now- I feel like a big fat cow because I'm pregnant). I swear she thinks that drinking whole milk makes people fat. Well, um no- eating lots of crappy food makes people fat. My kids are not fat because I don't feed them pop tarts and cheetos and they don't play video games for hours each day. If my kids were fat because of my parental laziness I suppose I could cut out the whole milk but really, when you are letting your kids scarf Happy Meals every day is switching to low fat milk really going to make a difference? Shouldn't doctors instead of asking what type of milk your kids drink ask you if they eat fatty, unhealthy foods?

So yeah, I lied. Whole milk rules.


  1. I totally lie to my doctor! About things that I don't think matter either. Like: how long I keep my kids on a bottle. We are a totally whole family as well. Whole families unite! :)

  2. It is so funny because when I had my first child I would have never lied to the doctor but with baby number two I realized that I know what I'm doing and what works for my family and that doctors do not have all of the right answers. I even kind of feel like doctors are a bit nosey sometimes- or maybe I'm just weird!