Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's a Girl!

Today I had my big ultrasound appointment and as my four year old son would say- the baby does not have a wiener.

We are having a little baby girl and she looks healthy and even peed while they were trying to take a picture of her bladder. My husband and I are excited but wow does this whole pregnancy really feel real to me now. In less than 18 weeks I'll have a little baby to add to my brood of monsters.

Tonight I pulled out two bins of my son's old clothing and sorted it into things that will be donated (so far one trash bag full) and things that will be sold (I'm selling all of the name brand stuff). The two bins are just sizes 2T through 4T and I am pretty sure there are at least three more big bins of clothing in the basement of smaller sizes. Once that is done I will go through my daughter's clothing to see what can be used for the new baby (my daughter was born in June and the baby will be born in November). I have a feeling that I will have to buy a lot of clothes but that is all right because I love buying little girl clothes and I'm sure I can rustle up some great deals at Baby Gap if I start buying now (only on clearance with a coupon of course).

I guess it is now full steam ahead with baby preparations- now only if I could muster up a little energy to get stuff done...

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