Tuesday, July 5, 2011

See You Later, Dang Pacifier

So I know I wrote a post awhile ago saying that I was going to take my daughter's beloved pacifier away but I caved and let her keep it. I completely blame it on the fact that I was pregnant and tired with zero patience but truthfully I was being a lazy mom and taking the easy way out.

Today, I put my big girl pants on and really took away her pacifier. I figured if I waited until I wasn't so tired and until I had more patience she would be graduating high school with a pacifier in her mouth. Plus, a two year old with a pacifier just looks plain wrong to me.

She only asked for it a few times this morning and I gave her a present from the pacifier fairy (a set of play pots and pans from the toy closet). I told her that the pacifier fairy took all of her pacifiers (almost all- there is one that is missing that I am sure my daughter will find it before me) and left her a big girl toy in return.

Nap time was a real doozy to deal with though. I was feeling so worn down from taking the kids outside in the morning and sitting in the heat that the only thing I had energy for was taking a nap but my poor little baby had other plans. After I tucked her in she was crying for her pacifier for awhile so I went back into her room to calm her down. She cried some more and then was quiet so I crashed on the couch with my son and took a nap but then was awakened by my daughter screaming thirty minutes later. Honestly, I was too tired to care (I knew that there was nothing wrong with her except for some extreme pacifier withdrawals) and after twenty minutes of crying and complaining she fell back asleep for two hours. I on the other hand could not fall back asleep and dragged my butt off of the couch and cleaned up the house before my husband got home from work.

Bed time went very smoothly- she looked on the side of her bed to see if there was a hidden pacifier, didn't find one and didn't even ask me to get her one. I read her a few books and she literally fell right asleep. So far she hasn't woken up so (knock on wood) I think we may be good for the night.

I am proud of myself for finally taking the dang pacifier away (though I should have done it way, way, way sooner) and proud of her for not totally freaking out and screaming about it all day. Once we make it through this challenge it will be onto the dreaded potty training.

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