Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Even though I still feel like death warmed over I wanted to make Valentine's Day a little special for my family.

For breakfast I made the kids heart shaped pancakes of which my son was ecstatic abut. Once breakfast was cleaned up and after I got the kids dressed I gave them their Valentine bags.

My daughter got some toddler fruit strips, yogurt melts (she thought they were gross), a couple of juice boxes (a very special treat for her because I don't let her have juice normally) and a box of animal crackers (she hated them but my son was happy because he got to have hers). She also got a little flower bag that I got in the Target dollar spot.

My son got a chocolate bar, a couple of juice boxes, a box of animal crackers, a small package of marshmallow Peeps hearts and a small box of soccer ball chocolate candies. He was so excited about the candy soccer balls- it's funny how simple things can make kids so happy.

After the gift bags I put my daughter down for her nap and got to work making this cake. The decorating job was a total rush because by that time my daughter had woken up from her nap and was crying upstairs in her crib waiting for me to rescue her.

Everything was made from scratch and the cake and frosted were delicious (I don't like frosting but my husband said that it was delicious). For the cake I used this recipe which is egg and dairy free and let me tell you, you would never know that it was missing those ingredients. To make it a little more chocolately I added 1/4 cup more cocoa. Also, if you make this recipe make sure you prep the pans well or it will stick- I spray my pans with cooking spray and then shake flour around them. For the frosting I used the Wilton recipe for buttercream- if you need a dairy free frosting there are lots you can find using just shortening by doing an internet search.

For lunch I made the kids heart shaper peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches uses heart cookie cutters but after all of the animal crackers and chocolate soccer balls my son ate he only took a bite from his sandwhich and I had to threaten him with no cake after dinner for him to do that.

For dinner I made chicken parmesan, a little pasta, homemade breadsticks and some mixed veggies. It came out really good and my husband like it so I was happy.

All in all Valentine's Day went very well. Now onto Easter (which  have already started to plan for because we are hosting it at our house this year).

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  1. The cake is perfect. Nobody would have known a "rush" job. I have an award for you. Check out my "I Would Like To Thank The Academy" post. Have a great day! ~Jennifer