Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dreading Tomorrow

I am dreading tomorrow. Not because it is Valentine's Day but because my son has a dentist appointment and my daughter is going through a pain in the butt phase.

My son loves going to the dentist so he is a breeze to deal with but I know that my daughter is not going to want to sit still while her brother gets his teeth cleaned. She is going to want to run around the dentist's office and be a crazy little explorer. There is no keeping her in a stroller anymore- she thinks that she is three years old like her brother and that she can do as she pleases. I am already getting a headache thinking about it- hopefully my awful cold will be gone when I wake up so it will be one less thing I will have to deal with.

For tomorrow's dentist visit I will have to bring supplies- I'll have to pull out every trick in my mommy arsenal. I will bring the magni-doodle, snacks (bringing things I never let her eat like chocolate would be great, but I think the dentist would frown on it), an old Game Boy and her toothbrush (maybe she will sit still if she can brush her own teeth). Even with all of that, my darling little girl is a wild one and may just decide that running around and exploring would be more fun.

Maybe I should just go into the visit with a positive attitude and realize that at 19 months old my daughter is fiercely independent and that instead of working against her I will have to work with her to make things run smoothly. It is funny how such a small person can such a huge impact on all that goes on around her.

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  1. I hope you survived the dentist's office. I'm sure she was just fine.