Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick- One Week Later I am Still Sick

I am still sick- I swear I must have caught the ebola virus of colds. My throat doesn't hurt anymore but my voice is pretty much gone and my cough is awful. When I try to yell at my son all that comes out is a croak. My immune system just,well sucks for lack of a bettor word. I catch everything and it stays forever. I blame it on my mom- she was very overprotective of me as a child. She should have let me eat more dirt and should have not made me wash my hands so much.

 I do have to say that I am truely grateful for Rite Aid and all of their random awesome deals. Today I broke down and went thorugh my stash of Rite Aid freebie medicine and found some Chlorseptic cough drops, Chloraseptic throat spray and some weird Chestal homepathic medicine. I am not someone who takes medicine- I don't really know why I don't take medicine but I have pretty much always been this way. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease about thirteen years ago (I was 15) and after a couple of years of taking medication everyday I decided that I was better without it. It didn't seem worth it to me to have to take sixteen pills a day when I could not take any pills and maybe have a few flare ups a year. Being pregnant with my kids further lamented my non- medicine taking ways. When you have a baby inside of you most medications are off limits and the thought of taking anything else was done with much apprehention by me- I felt like even though they were touted as safe there was still a chance they could hurt the baby.

So today I took some weird Chestal medicine of which I'm not sure worked because after the first dose I forgot to take it again, I ate some cough drops which were just wonderful and I sprayed some medicine down my throat which was gross and did nothing. Now I am having a couple of glasses of wine and while my cough is still here and my voice is still gone- I haven't felt better all day.

(please disregard any spelling mistakes because for some reason the spell check is not working)

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