Sunday, February 13, 2011


.79 lb Plums $1.97
5 lb Bag Red Potatoes $2.99
Ground Flax Seed $3.99
Shaws Sugar $3.15
4 Vanilla/Chocolate Wafers @ .50 each
Mini Juice Boxes $1.29 (for kids' Valentine's bags)
Fiber One Multigrain English Muffins $2.50
Shaws Chocolate Chips $1.99
Little Debbie Honey Buns $1.39
Prince Large Shells Pasta .88
2 Tuttarossi Pasta Sauce @ $1.29 each
2 Nabisco Animal Crackers @ $1.00 each (for kids' Valentine's bags)
Mini Philly Cream Cheese $1.69 - $1.00 MC
Hood Milk $3.89
Eggs $1.79
Stoneyfield 32 Oz. Plain Yogurt $3.99 - .50 MC (doubled)
YoBaby Yogurt $2.79 - .50 MC (doubled)
Less $2.35 in bottle returns

Total: $35.53

Not too excited in the savings department but I am very happy about the ground flax seed- it was way cheaper than what Target was charging for it. I like to add ground flax seed to food that I bake for the kids to give it an extra bump of nutrition. They can't even tell it is in the food because I use whole wheat flower so the brown flax just blends right in.

In an effort to save a bit of money I am going to try and buy a big container of plain yogurt every week for my daughter and mix in pureed fruit or if I am feeling lazy, a bit of all fruit jelly. I have a bunch of frozen strawberries and blueberries in the freezer that would be great for this. A big container of yogurt costs a lot less then buying little four packs of yogurt- though I will keep the four packs on hand for back up just in case I am in a rush or if my husband is feeding the kids. The Stoneyfield was more than the Shaws brand yogurt even after my coupon but they are the only brand who offers plain, whole milk yogurt. My daughter is under two so she should be eating full fat dairy- if it costs more then so be it.

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