Friday, February 11, 2011


(don't mind my son in the right hand corner- he wanted to be in the picture)

Berkley & Jenson Trash Bags (200 count) $10.99
Healthy Helpings 24 Pack Applesauce $6.49
Arnold Whole Wheat Bread $2.69 (not shown)
Honey Maid Crackers 4 Pack $7.79 - $2.00 BJ's Coupon
Pedigree 24 Pack Wet Dog Food $15.99
(2) 12 Pack Trident Gum @ $8.49 each - $5/2 BJ's Coupon
5 lb Bag Pears $5.99
3 lb Bag Bananas $1.49
Richard Scarry Book $9.99
2 Pack Sesame Street Bath Books $3.49

Total: $77.42 with tax

Here is how my trip breaks down budget wise:
$10.99 goes towards my household budget (toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.)
$34.50 goes towards my grocery budget
$15.99 goes towards my pet budget

The gum was a lot of money to put out at one time for me but it ends up being about 50 cents a pack which is way cheaper than what my husband pays when he buys a pack of gum at a gas station. It also saves me from having to try and find deals on gum because time is money.

The books were such an impulse buy but I have such a hard time saying no to buying my kids books. I really want them to love to read and I have visions in my head of their bookcases being packed full of books.

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