Sunday, February 13, 2011

CVS- Down to Our Last Roll of Toilet Paper

(3) 12 Packs Soda $10.00 plus $1.80 deposit
Quilted Northern $6.88
2 Puffs Tissues @ .88 each
CVS Newborn Diapers $2.32 (reg. $9.29)
CVS Panty Liners .99 - free CVS panty liner CRT ***free***
Less $10 ECB
Less $10 gift card (free from taking surveys)

Total: $3.05
Saved 90%

We were literally down to our last roll of toilet paper and I had $10 in ECB to burn before they expired so I think i made good use of them. My husband also needed soda so instead of using my grocery budget to buy it I used my ECB and gift card.

The diapers were a great deal and the fact that I bought them shows me that I still have hope that we will have another baby. If it turns out that another little one is not in our future I can always donate them to help someone in need.

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