Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lack of Motivation

I feel a lack of motivation today (I always feel a lack of motivation but today I really, really don't feel like doing anything).

I figure if I put my goals out there for all to see then I will feel more obligated to complete them. Here they are:

Clean upstairs and downstairs bathrooms (per my cleaning schedule)
Make zucchini muffins (for the kids)
Make pumpkin bread (for me)
Mail $50 rebate for the Norelco razor I bought my husband for Christmas
File coupons that I clipped last night
Mop kitchen and bathroom floors
Think of something to make for dinner (yeah, sue me- I didn't make a meal plan this week)

Looks like I should be able to do all of it but who knows. If my daughter decides to only take an hour nap while my son is in school then I may just become a big fat failure.

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