Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Not Lazy (not today anyways)...

Earlier I posted my to do list for the day hoping that me not wanting to look super lazy would motivate me to get stuff done.

I actually accomplished almost everything and some more!

Here is my original list:

Clean upstairs and downstairs bathrooms (per my cleaning schedule)
Make zucchini muffins (for the kids)
Make pumpkin bread (for me)
Mail $50 for the Norelco razor I bought my husband for Christmas
File coupons that I clipped last night
Mop kitchen and bathroom floors
Think of something to make for dinner (yeah, sue me- I didn't make a meal plan this week)

I also put away a ginormas pile of clean laundry, entered in all of my various rewards codes (Coke, Huggies, Pampers, Disney Movie Rewards, etc.) that have been sitting around for months and finally figured out my log in to my Kelloggs account so that I could enter my Toy Story 3 codes and request the alien desk light for my son (you have no idea how long I have been procrastinating about trying to figure out what my user name and password was).

I didn't make pumpkin bread but honestly my craving for it subsided by the time my daughter went down for her nap. I also only cleaned the upstairs bathroom toilet and nothing else. It rarely gets used so it was still very clean from my thorough cleaning last week. As for dinner, I am a little embarrassed to admit what we had- though it was very yummy. You see, I didn't feel like making a big meal and we still have a few tubes of crescent rolls in our fridge from a Catalina deal at Shaws awhile ago- so I decided to make crescent roll calzones. In all honesty I just put pasta sauce and cheese between two crescent triangles, sealed the edges with a fork and cooked them in the oven at 375 degrees for about ten minutes (on the convection setting). We (the we doesn't include my husband because he only like about three vegetables and broccoli is not one of them) had steamed broccoli as a side dish (my kids had applesauce and yogurt but they each took a bite of the broccoli- good enough for me!). Not the healthiest meal but it was good and we all deserve some lazy cooking days here and there.

I feel so accomplished. This all may seem like not a big deal but it is to me- it is showing me that I am getting back to being me again. I have tangible proof that the cloud that has been hanging over me for the past few months has (for the most part) lifted. I felt no stress today and didn't even do any "work" until I dropped my son off at school and put my daughter down for her nap. We pretty much hung out all morning and it was so nice to be able to spend time being silly with the kids.

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