Thursday, January 6, 2011

So Very Boring- I Have a Cleaning Schedule

On my journey to regain the person I once was (the responsible one- not the binge drinking one) I have decided to follow a household cleaning schedule.

It really seems quite dorky (and it is) but it will keep things more organized and clean. I have turned into the type of person that if it isn't written down on a list I won't do it so now I have my list.

Here is a breakdown:

Monday: Dining Room
Tuesday: Bathrooms
Wednesday: Family Room/Play Room and the Computer Room/daughter's play room
Thursday: Kitchen
Friday: Bedrooms
Saturday: I work all day so no cleaning for me
Sunday: Family day

Each room I clean will include dusting, mopping and vacuuming. I am going to try and mop the kitchen floor at least every other day and vacuum the downstairs everyday.

I started following my schedule on Tuesday and so far so good. I figure that things will go quicker as a go along because this week I was doing a very thorough cleaning but from here on out if I miss something one week I can always get it the next week.

I also have a guinea pig whose cage I must clean every two weeks. I just might have to write this crap out on a calender. I will feel really cool to have a calender that has all of my cleaning duties on it- next stop, high waisted and tapered leg mom jeans. But please, someone have an intervention for me if I start wearing high waisted, full coverage underwear or join the PTA.

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