Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holidays Kind of Suck

I am really glad the holidays are over.

We had Thanksgiving at our house so that was stressful. We didn't have Christmas at our house but we did have go to my parent's house and my husband's aunt's house and by the time we got home we were pooped.  New Year's day was great. We went to bed early on New Year's Eve (we are old farts, I know) and New Year's Day we just stayed home and relaxed- I really love holidays where I don't have to do anything or visit anyone. 

I recently saw a commercial where the mom told the kids on Christmas morning that they were going to Disney World that day. I would love to do this when the kids are older. No having to visit families, no stress- just a wonderful family vacation to enjoy. In all honesty- I wouldn't mind lying and telling everyone we were going away and just sitting at home (though that would be impossible considering that my in-laws live in an in-law apartment at our house).

My husband and I lived in Georgia for a year when we were younger (we moved from Massachusetts). It was the first time either of us had moved out of our parents' homes and the best part was that on the holidays we just got to do our own thing. We called our families to say "happy whatever holiday" and then we were free to eat Chinese food and relax. It is so nice to know that your only obligation on holidays was to make a few phone calls- well, then your second obligation was to drink copious amounts of alcohol and decide which one of ten channels on your wonderful basic cable you wanted to watch.

But now we have kids and live close to our families so we have to do the holiday shuffle thing. At least we don't have to deal with it again until Easter (of which we will be having at our house- and to top it off I will be working the day before from 8 am to 6 pm, bring on the stress).

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