Monday, January 10, 2011

The Dreaded Day Has Come...

I love my kids more than life itself and like all moms I have made many sacrifices for them.

I have sacrificed being able to eat a peaceful dinner, sleeping in on the weekends, driving a normal car, having perky boobs, having a flat stomach that I didn't have to work out to get and many other things that if I listed out would depress me.

I have now sacrificed something that is really going to annoy me- my shopping time on Tuesdays and Thursdays when my son is in school. My daughter and I used to drop my son off and then we would go grocery shopping or pop into Rite Aid to get some deals but now that she is a big girl (and by that I mean she is 18 months old) she is ready to cut back to one nap which has to be in the afternoon. This means that she needs to go down around noon whereas when she was taking two naps I could put her down in the afternoon at one because she slept for a couple of hours in the morning. During the one hour between dropping my son off and nap time we could go to the store which is really nice with only one child. Now, for the sake of what is best for my daughter (don't these kids ever care about what is best for me?), if I want to run any errands I will have to take both kids with me.

Going forward, I will have to do my grocery shopping on Sundays. Anything above and beyond that will either be done while toting two kids with me or after dinnertime (which I hate doing- by the end of the day I want to relax, not be running to Rite Aid or CVS).

Again, I really love my kids but what the heck.

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