Monday, October 25, 2010

Spooky Ghosts

This afternoon my three year old son and I made spooky ghosts to hang from a tree in our front yard.

We made them out of some ball pit balls and daddy's old t-shirts. I used rubber bands to secure the cloth around the balls (I trimmed the extra fabric from the bottoms) and then used some raffia tied in bows to cover the rubber bands. Then I colored eyes and a mouth on with a permanent marker. To attach the twine to them I just poked a hole in their heads with scissors and pushed the knot end of the twine in.

These are all of the ones I did- the ones that my son did are currently being held captive in his playroom because he decided that they were his friends (he colored his with crayons because there is not was I would ever give a three year old a permanent marker).

Next on my Halloween list is making trick or treat baskets for my kids (Spiderman one for my son and maybe a bird's nest one for my daughter because she is going to be an owl). I also have to sew a "owl tummy" on the brown sweatshirt for part of my daughter's costume (there is writing on it that I want to cover up). Oh yeah, and I need to buy candy- I'll most likely do that at Rite Aid.

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