Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Mail!

Here is what I got in my mailbox today:

$8.00 Budweiser Rebate Check- I bought this rebate on Ebay. It was no beer purchase required but I'm not sure what it was for because if I knew that it would mean that I am organized- and I am so not organized.

$5.00 CVS Gift Card- From taking surveys for Lightspeed Panel (they are not taking new people which stinks because it is my favorite survey site).

Target Coupon Book- My husband has a Target Credit card which may be why we got this but who knows. We used to get them all of the time but this is the first one we have gotten in months.

I also got my order from Fisher Price- the Imaginext Batmobile for $10.00 with free shipping. This is for my son for Christmas.

Can I just say that a mail person beeping their horn at you so that you can get a package from them is just a tad bit annoying?

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