Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My New Editions

My two blueberry plants that I ordered from Gardens Alive came today. I was very unprepared- I mean so unprepared that I had nothing for them.

After dinner I ran to Lowes to get supplies. I ended up with two plastic 16" planters, a big bag of potting soil and a big bag of azalea fertilizer. How much did my last minute shopping cost me? About $50. Yikes! I was in a rush and just grabbed what the nice man who worked in the garden center said was good. I needed the azalea fertilizer because blueberries like acidic soil but after reading the instructions when I got home I discovered that I only needed to use three tablespoons of it in each pot. I guess I have enough acidic fertilizer to last me a (looong) while.

The plants were only .85 but with all that I spent on supplies these blueberry plants are my new babies. I will make sure that they survive because I will cry if I spent all of the money only to kill them with my awful gardening skills.

My three year old son and I had a ton of fun planting the blueberries in their new homes. Dirt was all over the kitchen floor and all over my son but that's what brooms and mops are for. I love doing things like this with him and i can't wait until my 15 month old daughter is old enough to help us with our little projects!

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