Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's The Incredible Magical Growing Snake

Last week at CVS I bought a Magic Grow Snake for .39 (a complete impulse buy).

Here is what it looked like it's first day in a bucket full of water.

Yowza! Here is what it looks like today! That dinky, cheap snake grew into this.
 Pretty cool for .39 cents.

My son thinks it is neat and was excited when I finally took it out of the water so he could play with it. When I was cleaning up the playroom today Mr. Magic Grow Snake had teeth marks in him. I asked my son about it when I picked him up from nursery school and he told me that there was a little worm on the snake so he had to bite the snake to get the worm off. Huh? My son is three years old- please tell me why he is biting things?

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  1. One of my friends once gave my sons a couple of these....I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but after freaking me out for the 10th time or so, they were tossed:)