Friday, September 24, 2010

Keep It Simple...

Deal seeking is a never ending hunt- there are always deals to be had and us couponers want them.

I love getting awesome deals. When I see a deal I get excited about scoring cheap, free or money making stuff. But recently I have been asking myself "is it worth it?".

Here is my story: I have two children, a three year old and a 15 month old. My three year old son had suddenly turned from awful to shop with to a complete darling to shop with. My 15 month old daughter now realizes that she is so independent because she can walk that no stroller or carriage can contain her (this means that she is a complete pain in the you-know-what). My husband works Monday through Friday and we eat dinner between five and six o'clock every night. My son goes to nursery school two days a week and soccer on one day a week.

So, after reading that monotony, here is what it means- I no longer like to run to the store to just get the deals. I still like to get deals but they need to be something that I need or have some great overage. I hate dragging my kids out to deal hunt because I feel like I don't spend enough time with them as it is- running to the store for random deals takes away from the precious time I have with them until they go to school full time and I lose them forever (so dramatic, I know!).

Deals are great and free stuff is really great but we really need to look at what is important in our lives. I love my husband and kids more than anything in the world and would do anything for them. Because of this, I can miss a deal for them. I can cut down on how many times I run to the store. Now I look at deals and weigh the cost of the deal and the cost of my time to determine whether it is worth going for.

Just remember this: our husbands need us to let them know they are loved and appreciated and our children are only young for so long before they leave the nest. Free plus overage toothpaste can't compare to that.


  1. I used to go out weekly...not so much anymore. I wait till my son is in school and my daughter who likes to shop and I will go. I only get what we NEED since I have a huge stockpile now...Or sometimes I wait till the kids are in bed(8) and just go out myself for a hour or so and rush through and get everything we need :)

  2. It is nice having a stockpile- I like to know that if I really don't want to go shopping I don't have to.
    We are hoping to have another baby soon so I know that I will be going to the store even less than I do now.

  3. This is soo true!! I used to go to the store 3x a week... I needed that deal.. But now I go maybe 1x a week. My stockpile is not that big but it is big enough where when I go to the store I can pick and choose deals and only get the NEECS.

    Awesome POst! Thank you

  4. Thanks!
    My stockpile isn't that big either but it is big enough for my family of four. I still get antsy when I see a good deal posted but then I think about how much time it will take me to get to the store with two kids (not fun!). I have cut out my weekly Target trip because of this- most of my trips were just for the awesome deals posted on Totally Target and not for anything we actually needed.

  5. You are welcome! Yup that is how it was here too! I would do the deal at Target and then get this or that lol. Also the one I went to was NOT coupon friendly.. soo irritating!

  6. I try to only go to the store when my son is at daycare. He actually doesn't mind going to the store because he is extremely friendly I end up getting stuck at the store having conversations with random people that he just starts talking to. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you are doing a great job on your blog and give you an award ( which you can find over on my site). Have a wonderful day and keep it up I am bookmarking you now!!!