Saturday, August 14, 2010


I recently received a catalog from Gardens Alive with a coupon for $25 off of a $25 purchase in it. What makes the deal even better is that the coupon can be used towards shipping also.
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I have decided that it would be neat to have blueberry plants that we could grow in containers on our porch. My daughter loves blueberries and they can be pretty expensive at the grocery store.

I have done a little research on growing blueberries so I think I know what I am getting myself into. They are finicky about the acidity of their soil so I will have to find the right fertilizer and from what I read it may be a couple of years before I can harvest any berries. Still, I think it will be fun for the kids and I. Plus, I need something to use the compost on from my indoor worm composting bin.

Here is what my order looked like:

2 Dwarf Tophat Blueberry Plants @ $8.95 each
Shipping $7.95
Less $25 off $25 coupon

Total: .85 cents

Delivery estimate is between 9/20 and 9/27.

By then I should be up to date in the care of blueberry plants and maybe I'll even have some worm compost ready to use.


  1. I received the same catalog/coupon. The coupon stated that if your order was $25 or under, it would be free. I emailed the company to clarify the coupon (specifically if I had to pay shipping) & the response I received stated that if the order was $25 or under, it was completely free & I didn't have to pay shipping. I placed my order with the form from the back of the catalog (snail mail).

  2. That is what I get for not looking into things! I have been hopped up on painkillers (wisdom teeth) and have been slacking a little. I guess I can't complain because I still got a really good deal. Good job holding Garden's Alive to their word though!