Monday, August 9, 2010

My Journey Into Worm Composting- The Worm Bin

I have decided to dive into the world of indoor worm composting because I saw it in a magazine and it just seemed really neat. I am not a reducing, reusing and recycling kind of girl but I am a cutting down on my trash because the town trash bags are expensive kind of girl. I also like to do neat things like this because my three year old son learns a lot from them.

In my last post I talked about my research into this new hobby and now I will show you how I built my worm bin thanks to Red Worm Composting.

I purchased a Rubbermaid bin at Target for $5.99 and six vents at Lowes for about $10.00. Any type of vent will do as long as it is similar to these ones (these were the first ones I found and the kids were getting grumpy).

I decided to put two vents on the top and two on each of the longer sides of the bin. I traced each vent where I wanted to put it and then used a razor knife to cut out the holes.

Once the holes were cut I put the vents in. I had to do a little tweaking on some of the holes to get the vents to fit. Then I got some pantyhose and put it over each of the holes and secured with two heavy rubber bands on each one.

This is what the inside of the bin looks like finished.

And here is what the outside of my finished worm bin looks like.

I am going to order my worms tonight from Redworms4sale.

Once it gets a little closer to their arrival I will add shredded newspaper to the bin and when they get here I'll give them their first meal of produce leftovers.

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