Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Journey into Worm Composting- Research

This is a picture of the worms I am going to purchase from Redworms4sale. After looking at at least fifteen different sites they have the best price while still seeming legitimate. It will cost $29.95 for one pound of red worms (about 1000) with free shipping.

I am going to make my own bin instead of spending $100 or more on a fancy one. Red Worm Composting has really good directions here on how to make a bin and any and all other information related to worm composting.

It looks like I will need:

Plastic Bin with cover
Vents (to allow air flow in bin)
Pantyhose (to cover vents to keep out flies and keep in worms)
Rubber Bands (to hold pantyhose onto vents)

I have rubber bands and pantyhose so I will just need to buy a bin and some vents.

Once the bin is made it will be time to add the bedding.

To be continued...

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