Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where is My Brain?

Last night I told my son I would boil some eggs for him so he could have one for breakfast. After he went to bed I put the eggs on and forty minutes later my husband went into the kitchen and told me the eggs were still boiling. Oops! Good thing I put a lot of water in the pan. So, four eggs were thrown into the trash. What a waste, huh?

I then put on four more eggs and set the timer for five minutes. When it went off I went into the kitchen to check on the eggs. They were boiling so I put the timer on for ten minutes and went back to the family room to sit down. The timer went off and I went back into the kitchen and put the cooked eggs in a bowl on the counter to cool off and went to sit down and watch TV.

A few hours later when I was going to bed I noticed that I left the eggs out the whole time. All I could do was shake my head at what a complete moron I was and throw another four eggs away.

By my calculations I just wasted .86 cents worth of eggs (a dozen eggs at Target costs about $1.30). Not a big sum of money but very annoying. I really am a scatterbrain.

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