Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mommy Rant

My neighbor across the street has kids around the same age as my kids so sometimes we go over and play with them. The mom is the type who always has someone helping her with her kids but still complains that she is so stressed out. She also has "I've Given Up" syndrome which means that she wears her pajamas all day and lets her kids eat junk food all of the time because she is just so stressed out having three kids.

Well, she has a teenager who helps her with the kids during the day (my neighbor's husband cuts the parent's lawn so the girl will help with the kids for free) which is fine- if she can't handle her three kids then that's her issue.

My son and I were outside last week and went to the front yard to put a letter in the mailbox. The neighbors were outside playing in their driveway (don't ask- my husband call them the Front-Yardigans) and my son really wanted to go play. The kids had fun and we went home when my daughter woke up from her nap.

A couple days later my son was sick- he had a mild fever. The little boy across the street asked my husband if my son could play and my husband said that he was sick. My neighbor then told my husband that the girl who helps her with her kids has hand, foot and mouth. What? Why didn't she say anything when I was over there and my son was playing with her kids? The girl was out sick then too. My neighbor said it was no big deal because it is going around. Basically, her kids must have had it without any symptoms and gave it to my son.

Now guess what? My one year old daughter had a fever the other night and now has sores on her hands and feet and in her mouth. My son doesn't have any sores thankfully.

I am so pissed that my neighbor is such a moron and has no common sense. Just because she thinks it's no big deal for her kids to be sick doesn't mean that she has to let them infect my kids. I think my one year old having sores on her and having sores in her mouth so that she doesn't want to eat certain foods is a big fricken deal. My neighbor was also over another neighbors house the other day- this neighbor has two young kids and is 9 months pregnant. I bet nothing was mentioned of hand, foot and mouth and who knows what effect it would have on an unborn baby.

Her kids are always getting my son sick so it is to the point that I don't want to go over there anymore. I mean, come on. If your kids are sick or were exposed to someone who was sick you need to let others parents know so they can decide if they want their kids to play with yours. (I feel really bad for the teenager who helps her because what teenage girl wants to have sores all over their mouth? I'm guessing she most likely caught it from my neighbor's kids).

Okay, rant over.

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