Sunday, August 15, 2010

BJ's Emergency Toilet Paper Run

I am still hurting from having my wisdom teeth taken out on Friday (that coupled with the fact that my one year old daughter head butted me on the side that my teeth were taken out so my face has re-swelled up) and my daughter has hand, foot and mouth thanks to my ridiculous neighbor so my husband and son ran out to get toilet paper.

The simplest place to send them was BJ's because we also needed bananas and Starbucks drinks. I could have spent way less out of pocket for the toilet paper if I went to CVS (I have ECB's and gift cards) but again, my daughter and I are sick.

Cottonelle Toilet Paper $18.99 - $4.00 BJ's Coupon and $1.00 MC
Starbucks Frappuchino Drinks $13.99
Bag of Bananas $1.44
Honey Buns $2.59

Total: $32.01
There was no tax on the toilet paper because it is tax free weekend her in good old Massachusetts.

My husband did good- he stuck to the list and used the coupons I gave him. Yeah!

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