Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick Trips to Shaws and Stop and Shop

Stop And Shop

2 Go Gurt @ $2.50 each - (2) $1.00 MC and (2) $1.00 instant savings f/ hand scanner
2 Ro Gurt @ $2.50 each - (2) .85 MC (doubled) and (2) $1.00 instant savings f/ hand scanner

Total: .60

This was an awesome deal. Yes I know that this yogurt has artificial flavors and other stuff in them but they didn't have Simply Go Gurt and I can't turn down .15 for a box. And just an FYI- even when a product says it has natural flavors those flavors could still have been made in a lad and often contain soy. Soy is a cheap filler for products as the government subsidises its growth. So, whether a product says natural or artificial flavors these are both very ambiguous terms that could mean anything is in your food (even potential allergens).

Oh yeah- and someone left a $3 off $40 purchase coupon on top of the self checkout. I felt like I found money and was almost skipping out of the store.


French's Honey Mustard Sauce $1.49 - .75 MC (doubled) ***Free***
Shaws Pepperoni $2.99 (for our homemade pizza)
Hood Milk $3.89
8 Spaghetti Os @ .88 each - (4) .50/2 MC (doubled)

Total: $9.91

I love Spaghetti Os. I grew up eating them and while I would never serve them to my kids I think they are great for me. I eat them straight out of the can too. I know it's kind of trashy but we all have our little quirks. I am a little sad after seeing that I could have gotten them for .25 a can at Target but that is what I get for not checking my blog roll before I ran to the store.

I finally have six milk points so the next time I go to Shaws I get a free gallon of milk. Someone left their milk point on top of the self checkout (isn't funny how some people can't be bothered to participate in deals) so I only need to buy 5 more gallons to get another free gallon which shouldn't be too hard to do by 9/16 (the promotion end date).

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  1. You found some great deals! My kids (and I) never liked the taste of the go gurts, but then I found a great deal (I think it was 25 cents a pack), and we tried the Simply Gogurt...yummy!