Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gap and Old Navy- On the Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!


Striped Woman's Tee $4.79 (reg. $19.50)
Woman's Pure Body Long Sleeved Tee $9.36 (reg. $19.50)
Striped Woman's Polo $4.80 (reg. $24.50)
2 Woman's Layering Tanks @ $4.80 each (reg. $14.50 each)

Total: $28.55 (reg. $92.50- like I would ever pay that!)
I had a 40% off coupon and also stacked it with a 20% off regular priced items coupon on the Pure Body Tee.

$9 is a lot for me to pay for one shirt but I love Gap's Pure Body line. The shirts are so comfortable but look way nicer than a cotton t-shirt so when I wear them out of the house I don't feel like a ragamuffin.

The tanks were a really good deal because I have been needing layering tanks for a long time but have been waiting for a good price on something that will last me a long time.

Old Navy

Woman's Striped Top $2.09 (reg. $14.50)
Toddler Boys Tee $2.09 (reg. $6.50)
Toddler Girls Tank $1.39 (reg. $6.50)

Total: $5.57
I had a 30% off coupon (I think it was 30% off...). Great deal for three shirts.


  1. Did you do the groupon gap deal I cant decide if i want to hold out for the fleece bogo again this year or spend it now :)

  2. I know- it is going to be so hard to decide when to use it! The only thing saving me from using it prematurely is that the Gap close to my house closed so I have to drive kind of far to get to the next closest one. I guess that works against me too because it's not like I can just pop into the store to see if there are any good deals. Keep me updated if you hear anything before I do about any great sales to use our coupons on!