Saturday, August 7, 2010

No Soda Challenge- Week 1

Last week I decided to stop drinking soda, mostly because of health reasons.

I love soda and it was my little pick me up during the day because I don't like coffee.

This past week I only had one soda because my husband and I got some Wendy's (a fast food restaurant) one night . This is pretty good considering that I used to drink at least two soda a day. Instead of soda I have been drinking Crystal Light and water.

Physically I feel good. I don't feel bloated anymore and I swear I fell skinnier. My little baby pooch (if you are a mom you know what I am talking about) is getting smaller which is great. I lost all of my baby weight plus more but that little stomach pooch just wouldn't go away (I suppose I could have exercised but that would be just a bit too much effort).

So week one of my No Soda Challenge has been a success. I don't really miss drinking soda and I feel like I have more energy. Yeah!

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  1. I learned something scary about how bad soda can be for you.... I work retail and I was cleaning the bottom of our cooler when I noticed the almost rust-looking stains on the concrete. I realized that at one time a soda bottle leaked and because it wasn't cleaned up right away, the acid in the soda actually ate through a couple layers of the concrete floor. Scary huh???