Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Journey Into Worm Composting- Worm Bedding

Go here to see the previous post on worm composting.

My worms should be arriving either today or tomorrow so last night my son and I prepared their home for them by making their bedding. You would think composting worms would have dirt as bedding but I guess they live in bizarro world because they like paper.

We used my paper shredder to shred newspaper and then dumped it into the bin to fill it almost to the top. We also added some shredded cardboard that came in a package I got last week. My son had a blast helping out and is very excited for his new pets to come in the mail.

Once they arrive I will spray the shredded paper with water until it is all moist and add the worms and some leftover fruits and veggies.

It is really going to amazing to see all of this paper turn into compost- I guess I'm not going to believe it until I see it.

Look at me, miss anti going green. I guess I am doing my little part to save the earth but that is only because I think worms are neat and I want compost for my garden next year (the garden I may or may not be too lazy to plant).  I still think recycling is a waste of time and only do it because my town charges bogus amounts of money for town trash bags.

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