Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Easy Off Oven Cleaner $4.34 - .50 MC
Bar Keepers Friend $1.75
Boys Hanes Boxers $5.50 - $1.00 Target Coupon
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $2.00 - $1.00 Target Coupon
2 Juicy Juice Boxes @ $2.00 each - $1.00 Target Coupon and $1/2 MC
Del Monte Fruit Cups $2.00 - $1.00 Target Coupon
Campbells Healthy Soup Bowl $1.50 - $1.00 MC and .50 Target Coupon
2 Sobe @ $1.00 each - BOGO MC and .50 Target Coupon
2 Bic Pens @ .99 each - $1/2 MC and $1/2 Target Coupon
4 Divided Plates @ .74 each (reg. $2.99 each)

Total: $17.98

Easy Off is expensive! I need it to clean my oven because we are getting a new one and will be selling the old one. It is really dirty, I mean really dirty. I have tried cleaning it with baking soda but you know what? Harsh chemicals work so much better.

If you have stainless steel cookware and are looking for a way to get stuck on food stains off I highly recommend Bar Keepers Friend. It is like magic (just make sure you rinse really well so there is no chemical residue on your cookware).

The Quaker coupon beeped but they is a picture of the granola bars on it clear as day so my cashier put it through. The Campbells coupon beeped too but what I bought was also pictured so it was put through also. I really dislike Target's registers sometimes.


  1. I almost snapped up a few of those cute plates last week! I love them!

  2. My son loves them! It makes it easy to give him a variety of foods to eat at each meal- he is so picky so at least I know he will eat one thing on the plate. I always have a really hard saying no to clearance items at Target- I have no will power.