Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marathon Shopping Day- Grocery Stores

My no kids grocery shopping.


2 lb Baby Carrots $1.99
4 Wishbone Dressing @ .99 each - (2) $1.25 MC
Arnold Wheat Bread $2.50 - $1.00 MC
Philly Mini Cream Cheese $1.99 - $1.00 MC
2 Kraft Singles @ $1.99 each
4 Hood Sour Cream @ $1.29 each - (4) $1.00 MC
Hood Milk $3.29
Eggs $1.19
3 BBQ Tools @ .74 each (75% off)
Less $2.00 Survey Coupon

Total: $15.78

What a mess! I went to the Franklin store because I was going that way home and what a mistake.

I had coupons that I printed for Stoneyfield yogurt and for French's honey mustard dipping sauce but I couldn't use them because they didn't have the funny little bar code (like the ones form coupons.com). The woman training my cashier (she is such a stickler) even pulled out the cashier binder to show me it in writing, mind you that I didn't ask for clarification (my mom said she has done this to her before). I told her that I was just going to return the items at the service desk because the line was way backed up- she wanted to do it then but I wouldn't let her.

 I only had about ten coupons and it really shouldn't have taken that long to be rung up. When I got out to the car I realized that one of my $1.00 Hood Sour Cream coupons wasn't scanned so I had to go back in to get my $1.00. What a pain in the butt- I will just stick to going to the North Attleboro and Mansfield stores. So, I have no yogurt and no dipping sauce.

Stop and Shop Picture #1

Stop and Shop Picture #2

Apricot .73 ($3.99/lb)
Peach $1.01 ($1.99/lb)
Zucchini .94 (.99/lb)
Sweet Potato .71 (.99/lb)
2 Ears Corn .62
Idaho Potatoes $1.86 (.99/lb)
3 Weber Seasonings @ $1.00 each - (3) .50 MC (doubled)
Chicken Drumsticks $4.21 (.99/lb)
Nature's Promise Beef Patties $6.24 - $2.00 Meat Markdown Coupon
2 John Morrell Bacon @ $3.50 each - $5.00 MC
Stop and Shop Flour $2.29
2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch @ $2.00 each - (2) .55 MC (doubled)
3 Francesco Rinaldi Sauce @ $1.00 each
3 Stop and Shop Sliced Beets @ .85 each
Stop and Shop Ricotta $2.50
Stop and Shop Hamburger Buns $1.25 - .25 Scanner Gun Savings
Stop and Shop Jumbo Shells $1.69
Less .20 Reuseable Bag Credit
Less $5.13 Bottle Return

Total: $25.58

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