Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mommy and Son Cupcake Time!

Yesterday on Nick Jr. they had a segment where they made Dora the Explorer cupcakes and my son was begging me to make some. I don't really like Dora so I just made generic girl ones.

I choose not to buy prepackaged cake mix and frosting so I made both from scratch (believe me though- while I was making the frosting I was cursing myself for not having a can of frosting on hand). My son helped here and there but he is three years old and has the attention span of a three year old. His favorite part was putting the chocolate chips on for the eyes- well he only put a few on because then he got distracted by something and disappeared.

They came out cute and taste great, though definitely not my best work (spiderman cake, doll cake). What really matters is that my son had fun doing it and for the moment thinks that I am a pretty cool mom.