Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This morning I realized that we had absolutely no dog food left. We also had no bread (the Arnold bread I bought with a coupon that I got for complaining about premature mold was moldy a day before it's sell by date) and no bananas. It is raining pretty bad here so I had to pick a store where I could get all of the above items so after much thought I decided on good old BJ's.

Honey Buns $2.59 (for my husband)
3 lb Bag Bananas $1.39 (awesome deal!)
2.61 lbs 85% Ground Beef $6.76
2 Pack 96 oz. Berkley and Jenson Apple Juice $3.89
2 Pack 64 oz. Welchs Grape Juice $6.39 - (2) .75 mc
Arnold Whole Wheat Bread $2.49 - $4.00 MC ***$1.51 Overage***
Carnation Instant Breakfast $7.49 - $1.50 BJs Coupon and $1.00 MC (my breakfast)
12 Pack Starbucks Frappuchinos $13.99 (husband will die without these, so he says...)
18 lb Bag Purina One Dog Food $17.99 - $2.00 MC

Total: $53.59

I thought the Welchs had an instant coupon and was $4.99 for the 2 pack but I most likely read the wrong sign. That is what I get for having two kids with me. I guess the overage from the bread makes up for it considering she was supposed to enter the actual price paid (I got the coupon for complaining to Arnold because their bread got moldy way before the sell by date). Plus, my husband loves grape juice and having it  means that he will drink less soda.

According to my spreadsheet, even after this expensive trip to BJ's I am still $6.69 under budget for the week in grocery spending. The dog food doesn't count- I don't really have a set budget for pets yet (just call me lazy because I haven't gotten around to it).

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