Monday, August 23, 2010

Kids Are Simple People

This is my new stove. I really love it because I can bake two things at once and it boils water way faster than my old one.

I love my new stove but my son also got something that he loves:

The stove box.

I cut out a door and a window and we even colored it with crayons. He thinks that it is great. There were also four long L shaped pieces of heavy cardboard that were used to keep the stove in place in the box that my son loves. We have been using them to make tracks for his Matchbox cars and have been setting up tracks to roll balls down.

It is really funny that such simple things make kids happy.


  1. My husband got a LONG box the other day and he cut it out and made a "tunnell" for the kids he even had the baby crawling through! LOVE the stove I want something like that so bad

  2. I actually had to take the box house away and put it into another room because my start started to pile his toys in it- I opened the door and I swear it was like an episode of Hoarders!

  3. You can't beat a good cardboard box for hours of creative entertainment. That must be why the cardboard box is in the Toy Hall of Fame.

  4. I never knew that! It really makes a lot of sense because I have never met a kid who didn't like a box.