Monday, August 23, 2010

Review- Coupon Chief

If you have been following my blog for awhile (or even for just the past week) you know that I love online shopping. It is very convenient, which is worth its weight in gold when you have a three and a one year old. Just because I am not going into a store doesn't meant that I am not using coupons, I always check to see if the site I am purchasing from has a coupon code that I can use to score me the best deal.

A site that I have recently become aware of that has online coupon codes is Coupon Chief. Coupon Chief is a site that has a comprehensive database of working (yes, working!) online coupon codes, many of which are user submitted. I really like the fact that when I go to use a coupon it works because who really likes to get super excited about an awesome online coupon code and then have your hopes dashed because it's expired or just plain doesn't work?

Because I am such and advocate of shopping online there are a few stores that I frequent on a regular basis, two of which are the Gap and Can I just tell you that I thought I knew about all of the current Gap coupons and coupons offered by these stores and I saw that I was way wrong- I saw a few codes that I could have used that were better than the ones I did use (can you say 15% off of all shoes at not just sale ones).

Something else I really like about Coupon Chief is that you can create an account and sign up to alerted when your favorite retailers have new coupons posted. I can be pretty busy (lazy...) sometimes so how cool is it that when the Gap has a new coupon I will know about it and will be able to buy my kids more cute clothes with out leaving the house? 

Coupon Chief is going to be added to my arsenal of money saving sites and I am sure that I will be visiting their site the next time I make an online purchase (which shouldn't be too far in the future).

(Disclaimer: Coupon Chief reimbursed me for my honest review of their site. All opinions are mine and are unbiased.)

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