Friday, August 6, 2010

Almost Butterflies

This is a picture of our caterpillars from last Friday. Not very interesting.

Here are our little friends now. They are happily hanging from their butterfly habitat transforming into butterflies. There are five of them and all seem to be doing well. I could have moved them yesterday but there was one straggler who didn't quite want to grow up until today.

My son is so interested in what is going on with these little guys and he can't wait to see butterflies. I told him that we were going to let them go and he got really upset so I guess we'll see. I'll kind of feel bad keeping them pent up for their one to two week life span but I'll also feel a little bad if we let them go and a bird swoops down and eats them.

Check back in 7-10 days to see little butterflies fluttering around (hopefully).

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